You’re looking skinny like a model with your eyes all painted black,

You just keep going to the bathroom, always say you’ll be right back

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Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated in shortly before his death.


Taurus prefer GENUINE and authentic people. It doesn’t matter if you’re extroverted or shy, just be yourself, first and foremost, and be authentic. We like trustworthy people as well. If you aren’t true to yourself, we have a hard time believing you’ll be true to us. 
There are many ways to be free. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do.
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Staten Island Ferry
Robert Welsh

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The song that blew everyone away…

Dedicated to all the mini-skirts.  Otis Redding - Live - Monterey ‘67.

His voice is everything, he was taken far too soon.

Mental illness does not make you any less of a human being.

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America: We have no idea to stop this bombing of Gaza. (Pulls out checkbook, sends over more weapons & money to Israel).

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A Palestinian boy sits on the rubble of a destroyed building following an Israeli air strike in the center of Gaza City on July 22, 2014. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)
I just can’t any longer. I’m so so disgusted. 718 Palestinians dead. 718. They are not just numbers. They were human beings with lifes,dreams and people who loved them. Ripped out from life. And everyone continues as if it’s just a number increasing, as if IT’S NORMAL.AS IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU GET USED TO. WHAT ELSE HAS TO HAPPEN? How many have to die so they could at least get the attention the 3 dead settlers did?

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So, what is the main principle of Buddhism?


Buddhism is a teaching of liberation, aimed at freeing people from the inevitable sufferings of life. To this end, early Buddhist teachings focused on the impermanence of all things. The Buddha realized that nothing in this world stays the same; everything is in a constant state of change. Pleasurable conditions, favorable circumstances, our relationships with those we hold dear, our health and well-being—any sense of comfort and security we derive from these things is continually threatened by life’s flux and uncertainty, and ultimately by death, the most profound change of all.


Forrest Curran