Çdo njeri ndërton fatin e vet.
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Besa e burrit, pesha e gurit.
- Thënie nga veriu i Shqipërise (via frymen-tende)

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Childish Gambino | Sober 

-Justin (fuckyeahslowjams)

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This scene right there gave such an unrealisitc expection about how easy it is to alppy make-up


See how chill and non competitive your life gets when you don’t judge other girls in how they dress, do their make up, or how many selfies they take. Take a nap by a window, glow up

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you’re alive i hope you’re well and growing stronger by the day i hope you learn from your mistakes please dont be too hard on yourself you deserve kindness buddy

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What people say isn’t going to stop me. I have to do things for myself.
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You have to be passionate about something. Call it obsessed or whatever you want, but be obsessed about something. Obsessed people care. I’m passionate about so many things, it becomes an issue at certain points, but at least you have the ability to feel that much about something
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I liked the way the words rushed after one another in his mouth; I liked what he said and his way of saying it. I was constantly discovering new reasons for loving him, perhaps because everything I discovered in him served as new pretexts for my love.
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Don’t you think it’s better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life?
- Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife (via teenager90s)

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nude by abbensetts
Your beauty doesn’t come alive when someone compliments you, it’s always there. Remember that. In order to receive such a compliment, the very thing has to have been present in you before the complimenter arrived. I encourage you to celebrate your beauty. You don’t need a crowd or partner in order to acknowledge, recognize or celebrate your own beauty. Affirm yourself everyday. Tell yourself you’re gorgeous, because you are. Say the words “I’m beautiful” with bold integrity. Live for you. You matter.
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